A few questions I've got about being an active member. I'm gonna put these plain and simple, then check this everyday, clear simple answers are appreciated.What's the best dragon dagger? How long does it stay poisonous? What 10 quests should I start with?

How should my f2p abilities look prior to RuneScape Gold becoming a mem What is the most effective training? (60 att. 52 str. 50 def. 40 range 28 mage. atm) How do you earn cash? (I already know cannonballs and I plan to keep this) What is the minimum amount I should earn before I become mem. (Have 1.44m atm).

Granite is worth the cost? Is fletching worthwhile? How do i do herblore (guide was not helpful )-plain and simple Please. How do I get my construction started so that I can construct an actual house. Are hunting and scouting really that simple? What is the easiest way to travel? If I were to attack the tree spirit in the Lost City quest, what should i bring? What is the price of glory ammys Are prices for whips going up or down?

Wouldn't it be much more enjoyable to find these things yourself? also you'll find you have access to all the information in the world but it wont mean squat unless you actually take a trip out and experience the things for yourself. A dagger's poke will last forever and ++ is the best.

The one who starts herbology and the one who starts summoning (so you can master these skills, of course). After that it really depends on Buy OSRS Accounts what your levels are. Do you have the ability or not to complete the Lost City quest? They can be any kind of quest you like. The skills are easier to train within members. Experiments with rock crabs.