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    Anyone ever mounted Netradar behind metallic paint?

    I know this is supposed to present problems, but I'm wondering if it is really significant. I'm swapping out my '14 Porsche Cayman with plain white paint to a '15 Cayman S with "White Carrara Metallic. There are few good alternatives to mounting the Netradar behind the bumper as I had it on my 2014. It worked perfectly in that location, and I would love the place it in the same spot. I'm just not sure how much "metallic" is really in the paint, and how much real detriment it will be to the signal reception. I'd love to hear from a Porsche owner, but anyone with metallic paint feel free to chime in with your real-world experience. I KNOW that it's supposed to be a big no-no, but I'm curious about real-world experiences. Thanks! ~Wailer

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    Yes, Metallic particles reflect radar and will have a degradation on the radar signal and reduce the sensitivity of the antenna.
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