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    Troubleshooting issue with BT module and potentially the system

    I have a new install consisting of a three-head AL-P system, a Radenso RC-M and a mirror-integrated RC-M display. The AL-P has a bluetooth module.

    My installer, who has done good work for me in the past has screwed the pooch on this install several times, and I am lacking in confidence that the AL-P is working, especially since nothing appears in my ALP connect app when I scan. It just spins.

    Since the systems SHOULD be connected together via Radenso bridge cable and controlled by the Radenso display, I can't access the AL-P CPU separately. I know that it was working on the initial install, but that's because the installer F'd up and put in two speakers and used the ALP hifi controller.

    So, a couple of questions: Is there special procedure to have the ALP come up on an iPhone? I did not think that it was necessary to pair in iPhone's Bluetooth control. It would not matter anyway as it does not see any ALP BT modules.

    Second, any way to verify if the AL-P is working? I have a tester on order, but at least would like to know if the system is powered up and can see all of the sensors and GPS.

    Is the best/only solution to find an installer that is more familiar with these two systems and have them check everything? I am not handy at all and don't want to be disassembling the car--especially since I have had several people who have done work on it say that they are "very tricky and tight." Car is 2021 BMW X5M.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    Did you get the system sorted out? I am working on my system today. It appears my GPS module has stopped working.

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