OMG today was hell! I decided to sell a car I just had a six sensor fully loaded ALP system installed on. Paid over 1600$ to get installed and uninstalled it myself. The only thing I had to do was ditch the 5 long cables that are about $30 each. I tried to get them through the firewall and they wouldn't come through. That sucked. I had them at the bored out hold but the sharp metal from the drilled hole with a spaid bit cought the rubber shielding and wouldn't let them through. The rears I decied to leave buried to make unintalling easier. Anyway, I really want to install it again on my new van but will just buy new cables. Maybe pay to get the wires run through firewall and the hardwiring where the relay is but just do the rest myself this time. Part of me wants to just sell them and be done and lose about 800$