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    Question ALP Use Statistics, Standard Control Panel Operation

    Have been studying my latest ALP use statistics printout. Last laser encounter says "Truspeed AJ" encountered 26 times says stat file created.

    Question 1 : AJ at end of Truespeed encounter. Does that mean Anti Jam firmware in the Tru Cam I encountered?

    Question 2 : Is there a way to reset the Stat table, to keep track of encounters yearley, or monthly, Etc ?

    Question 3 : Setting up new ALP for use on my sport bike. Trying to find list on commands to use with Standard Control Panel. (Not Hi-Fi Control)
    Only manual I found is dated 2013. Wonder if newer user manual available? Real question is can Use Stat File and Config File be written to USB using standard Control Panel.

    Tnx for help

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    Q1. Yes AJ stands for Anti Jam but there are several of their guns that use Anti Jammer firmware so its not just TruCam's that use it.
    Q2. Stats are not re-settable at the moment. Due to a chance with memory allocation a past update had to reset the stats. For now just save your stats file and rename it to the time you gathered it and you can compare it to future ones to see the differences
    Q3. Programming through the standard controller is basically useless. Just program a config file on the ALP update website and load the config file via USB to load all your settings at once.
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