Hey Tom,

Thanks for transforming this to an ALP specific forum so best that I just put in my issue here. You already know about this, and I'm not pushing you for an update. I just wanted to log this on the official forum as my intent is to get my ALP support from here only, from here on out.


Issue: After ALP acquires GPS signal, the LED indicates yellow only and does not go 'blue' even after reaching speed set in the profile. It remains 'locked' in this state until I cycle through profiles to back to defense mode, and then it works as expected. Also, after the ALP acquires a GPS signal, the power/mute button no longer works. It does work, though, prior to GPS signal acquisition.

Remediation steps which were suggested by Tom and followed by me, but ultimately didn't resolve the issue: Reupload of the hifi control set FW. No effect. I have also tried reuploading my config file, no effect.

Thank you