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    Damn that sucks. I guess I'll be upgrading. Are you able to comment on when the new features will be available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by System View Post
    Damn that sucks. I guess I'll be upgrading. Are you able to comment on when the new features will be available?
    Assisted Radar Filter (ARF) is currently available but still has some issues on some phones.

    This new option is only available on AL Priority Rev. 4.0 Control Units paired with a GPS antenna.
    - Holding the MUTE button in your ALP Connect app (both Android and iOS) during a radar alert, saves the frequency and strength of that radar signal into ARF memory of the AL Priority Control Unit
    - Once saved, the AL Priority will only alert to these frequencies again if signal strength is stronger than the saved value
    - The AL Priority will filter radar frequencies stored in ARF whether used over a wired Control Set or over the ALP Connect app
    - Up to 16 radar sources may be stored in ARF
    - Once full the next radar frequency to be saved will overwrite the oldest saved entry, and so on
    - ARF memory in the Control Unit can be erased with the reset to default settings option.

    This was designed to help with the use of the NR in vehicles that put out false K band alerts.. Allowing it to record the frequency and level on the vehicle so that instead of band segmenting out a large block which is more dangerous the ALP will ignore only the select frequency range and only at the strength of the vehicle. You can also use this to help with BSM alerts that are weak and in ranges you would not typically want to band segment.
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