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Thread: ALP mute cable

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    ALP mute cable

    Hey All

    I'm looking at ways to use the mute option via the alp Blue mute cable.
    However my head unit doesn't have support for mute cable which makes things a little harder.
    Having said that I have a amp powering my speakers, plan was to use a relay to turn off remote on power to the amp when the alp alerts.
    My question is:
    1) Are there any other ways the alp will mute my speakers during a alert?
    2) Is it correct that the mute cable provides a ground during a alert?

    Thank you for any advice/help

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    Sounds like you're trying to set up how I had my old install wired up.

    You need a 12v relay with some NC contacts - Jaycar do one that's suitable and the same as what I used.

    Run your amp remote through the set of NC (normally closed) contacts, ACC 12V (ignition 12v) to one side of the coil, and the blue ALP mute wire to the other side of the coil.

    When it alerts, the coil of the relay will be energized, the NC contacts will then open, dropping out your amp power.

    As for any other way to do it, without a mute input the relay will be easiest

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