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Thread: GPS problems?

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    GPS problems?

    Hi there -

    Apologies in advance if some of these questions are repetitive - I have tried to search the forum to make sure I understand how the system works. For background, I have an ALP system (3 heads in front, one of which is a TX, and 2 in the back with BT and HiFi and GPS) that I have been trying to slowly debug. The issue when testing with the help of others seems to have been the GPS reception and transition from detecion to defense mode. We tested the system and found that the GPS signal was not great and lagging the true speed of the car. Since then my installer has moved it and I am trying to make sure the GPS signal works well. I am seeing a few issues that worry me:

    1) when using ALPConnect, I often do not see an actual speed in the application.
    2) the system will occasionally bounce between modes even at highway speeds (the external LED shifts from blue, flashes, then goes to amber, flashes, then goes to green, and then goes back to blue)
    3) I can set it with no LID speed so that it stays in defense mode, but a) I would like to make sure the system is actually working and the TX sensor in particularly is working even if the gps sensor may not be functioning properly - I do not know if the blue light means for certain the TX sensor is active and b) I like the idea of being able to set an LID speed

    Interestingly, I have an escort 360 Ci installed with the gps sensor in the same location as the ALP and the speed read outs are solid and consistent. BTW, the ALP is great and has performed very well against some tough guns even on a big SUV like mine.

    Any advice on how to really test the GPS would be great, as well as wisdom on whether this behavior is impacting the protection provided by the TX sensor.

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    I'm sure you must be aware that anytime you're in BLUE LED condition the system is in active "Defense mode" for all Transponders.
    The conditions described does sound like you have an intermittent connection somewhere in the wiring & are you sure all Connectors are 'locked' into there corresponding slots.

    I do not use ALPConnect or BT & am not familiar enough w/ set-up to help you.

    p.s. - there's another Forum w/ far more daily activity & lotsa "geeks" w/ helpful knowledge !
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