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  4. Places to buy Radar and Laser in Australia
  5. New Muti Radar speed device Now verified in melb & Sydney!
  6. Thought would add this for vic guy's
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  8. not much happening in the australia section
  9. Aussie engineering
  10. a bit of fun
  11. Bel RX65 on ebay, NSW
  12. WA : Police check up on 3.4m drivers
  13. Check your speeding infringement is valid (WA and other states with Poliscan camera)
  14. Anyone keen to play with Tollfree?
  15. Dob a Driver
  16. Wa heating up
  17. Can you guess what it is yet ?
  18. Ok, You Aussies are nuts. AUSSIE DRINKING GAME
  19. Australia Day did you celebrate with mates?
  20. Any rumors of DALA in Aus?
  21. How and Why You Should Fight ALL Fines – By an Ex-Sergeant of Police
  22. Making a splitter for the Bel stir & Al radar/GPS module is this possible?
  23. How many have been hit by Truecam?
  24. Current QLD road laws / Speed Enforcement Devices
  25. Posted from my profile on beltronics forum! Kband segmentation myth or reality ?
  26. Another crazy Aussie
  27. is it illegal to use speed gun in victoria
  28. DGC Issues?
  29. How can I enter the menu selectable feature on my stalker dual to change Mph to Km
  30. To my austrelian friends
  31. Real Life Laser Alert In Australia Video
  32. WA poliscans targetting on/off ramps
  33. Vic, S.A , N.S.W, Qld looking to do a weekend testing event help adjust installs etc
  34. Sneaky SAPOL Camouflage speed traps
  35. playing around last night at work
  36. Western Australia WAPOL News - Laser Detector Detectors lolololol
  37. RALF Australia - Radar and Laser Inforomation
  38. Has anyone been pulled over by LEO
  39. STi-r settings for Australia
  40. LI quad on ebay
  41. cool vid
  42. qiuck dirty test with the LI and ALP
  43. Queensland police to lower tolerance level for speeding motorists a fourth time
  44. The Police & How to deal with them
  45. Victoria HWY Patrol operations over next 3 months
  46. Travelling to Canberra and Sydney areas! Any testers around there?
  47. New Traffic Enforcement Toys
  48. Happy Star Wars day from the Western Australia police
  49. Stalker LZ1 operators manual needed Please Help!
  50. VICPOL, are they crazy or just cowboy?
  51. DCG customer service Thumbs Up compliment!
  52. GPS unit for ALP
  53. WA - Poliscan speeding pics also used for seatbelt and mobile infringements
  54. Long range cams for seatbelts/mobiles coming soon to WA
  55. WA Police seek help to nab bike hoons
  56. Another Fixed Freeway Cam (Poliscan) for Perth
  57. New Spy in the Sky Brisbane SP ticket Dispenser
  58. WA - New traffic offence penalties incoming
  59. New Zealand known police radar and laser devices.
  60. Stinger Vip
  61. WA Police pull out all stops to catch hoons
  62. Polis in Victoria
  63. Trucam
  64. New Speed Cameras
  65. Police slam speed stunt: Melbourne to Sydney in 6.5 hours
  66. Rear defence really required?
  67. How to troll a Poliscan
  68. SAY POLICE caught driver travelling at 189 km/h in a 100km/h zone.
  69. There is a god! But he lives in NSW
  70. Interesting article re NSW HWP and laser
  71. Queensland LE Getting Decatur Radar
  72. 12% of qld drivers admit to using rd
  73. Sa speed traps
  74. The "Great Ocean Road" of Southern Australia
  75. I'm nswpol see me estimate and do as i say, not as i do...
  76. More Speed cameras for Perth (speed cameras to triple)
  77. Spectre
  78. Hello everyone I am new. Perth WA
  79. QLD: Officers given ticket target
  80. Brisbane QLD : Legacy Way: Point-to-point speed cameras to be installed by Christmas
  81. Aussie smilies
  82. Are there many false alarams with ALP and Stinger VIP?
  83. NSW POL - tail shots
  84. Aussie eagle
  85. Found something new.
  86. Beware South-Island drivers. Laser use seems to be on the rise.
  87. "AU/NZ Tuned" Radar Detectors - Real or Marketing hype
  88. New Poliscan Camera Vehicles in Perth
  89. New Kit enquiry: Stinger VIP & Laser
  90. Question on Poliscan & MRCT in NSW
  91. Testing Kit NSW
  92. Stinger VIP laser VS Poliscan
  93. Western Australia : Fixed speed traps to treble under $64m contract
  94. New P2P Speed Cameras for QLD
  95. For Sale: Brand New Bel STiR-Plus and ALP Quad System
  96. WTB Beltronics Radar Detector Head Antenna
  97. QPS Redflex mischief
  98. ‘Speeding’ driver ‘pushed by wind’
  99. Nswpol nabs p plater doing 226kph in a 70kph zone
  100. New speed camera locations in Melbourne revealed
  101. V1 Custom Sweep for Australian Radar Bands
  102. Volvo XC60 joins NSW Police highway patrol ranks
  103. Melbourne: Simulated Radar and Laser Strikes
  104. Redline EX availability in AU
  105. Stinger VIP and Laser coming up for sale
  106. Redflex cams in NZ
  107. WA Laser Jammer Crackdown
  108. Police in Perth trialling new speed camera, starting on Great Eastern Highway
  109. Radar add on QLD