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  1. Please let us know which regions you want to add.
  2. GA Testing
  3. Atlanta Mom, Infant Rescued During Winter Storm Leon Gridlock
  4. OFFICIAL Can/Am Jammerfest 2014 signup sheet
  5. Hey RALTEC lets get a spring meet going
  6. RALETC LIDAR Jammer Meet Sunday, April 13
  7. First save along I-280?
  8. Gwinnett county out with there laser alleys
  9. Colorado
  10. If ticketed in California, BEFORE signing the ticket, note this
  11. Ka band on NB CA-17 this morning
  12. Impromtu Meet and Greets
  13. NYC area Informal Testing Meet
  14. NJ September Meet
  15. Finally...a trip to Waldameer!
  16. Any chance of setting up another GA testing date?
  17. GA Fall Testing
  18. When/where is the next meet?
  19. Camaro SS FHP? Unmarked
  20. First legit LIDAR hit in which I know I was the target
  21. Does CA have unmarked cop cars with lights and sirens?
  22. GA Winter Testing 2015
  23. Albany NY Red Light Camera Locations "Decision"
  24. ATL G5 test
  25. What Ka bands should I be running in CA?
  26. GA Spring LIDAR Testing May 10
  27. Any new testing dates coming up?
  28. New NJ Testing Meet
  29. Qui-Gon, Can-Am Meet This Year?
  30. Western NY-NW PA-NE Ohio Testing Session
  31. HPD using Stalker XLRs
  32. 2015 Great Lakes Rally July 31st - Aug 2 (Bonus Aug 3 Tail of the Dragon run)
  33. Albany scales back RLC plan
  34. anyone testing in south florida?
  35. Jacksonville Florida Laser testing
  36. GA Summer LIDAR Testing - August 30
  37. Testing my new system?
  38. "NEW" Northeast Testing Meet by Member Request !
  39. Any 2016 Northeast Testing Planned or available?
  40. West Coast Testing
  41. SoCal LIDAR test event Sat Oct 29
  42. New California Digital Plate
  43. South Florida in need of testing